> Karkat: Wallow in the disgusting miracle of life. 

I never could get to sleep, so I decided to finish this panel redraw (sorta?). Equius is the best part of this picture. 


trying out a free animation app program (sorry, been on a mac too long) called Pencil—if you want to try out animation, this could be a good way to get started!

so here’s gamzee doing some flippy stuff


been feelin productive lately so here’s a happykat


gamzee & little kurloz doodls

(LJ:goodnight !!!.- w -)


a lot of my old hs comics have been going around lately 


I put them all into one post.


long post ahead! whoop s kirri
anyway heres the results of the HSPH-exclusive request stream I did just now(well all the cool kids are doing it„„„,) there were a few guests and a lot of them leave after 2 or 4 minutes im such a terrible host
also please do consider commissioning me
hope u enjoy-


one day she’s gonna stab him

❝ This was meant to be fluff but it turned into heartbreaking angst instead, I am SO sorry. ❞

- me. me. ME. M E. ALWAYS ME (via actually-i-prefer-magneto)


commission for sylphofsweaters pSH kankri being dumb and i added karkat and porrim cause i can


I will never get tired of drawing him in Dave’s clothes


As children we’re taught the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, and the story normally goes along the lines of a hungry caterpillar eats and eats until it can eat no longer, then it hangs upside down and forms a chrysalis, from which a beautiful butterfly emerges.

But what actually happens inside the cocoon?

It’s actually quite surprising, the caterpillar does not merely change its body a bit and grow wings, no… It dissolves. Almost entirely. The caterpillar excretes an enzyme which decomposes all the tissues and fibres into basic organic material, leaving only a few ‘cell disks.’

These cell disks comprise all the different types of cells in an adult butterfly - its eyes, legs, wings, etc. The caterpillar is actually born with them but they just remain dormant until metamorphosis. 

Once all the caterpillars cells have been decomposed the adult cell disks then start to grow, using the organic materials left over, eventually forming the butterfly that emerges a few days later.

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